• Standard yellow housing for visibility even in extreme conditions.
  • MDC-1200 & GE-Star Signaling to provide clear alerts to and from the dispatcher to signal both emergency and Push to Talk (PTT) ID
  • Factory Mutual Intrinsically Safe: meets hazardous environment requirements.
  • Submersibility: 1 meter, 30 minutes
  • Large PTT button and both blade knobs and round knobs included to ensure communications are transmitted even when gloves are worn.
  • Optional Out of Range (OOR) feature alerts you when radio communications are lost with the EFJohnson IP25™ Conventional System. The feature works in both P25 digital and analog modes and provides an alert that is easily recognized.
  • The AMBE+2 Vocoder makes it the loudest digital radio available on the market today. Click here and hear the difference!
  • The 51FIRE ES won the "Hot Product" award from APCO's Public Safety Communications Magazine

Click here to downlaod the 51FIRE ES Portable PDF