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North Carolina State Seal

TO: All North Carolina State Agencies    
FROM: Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc.
SUBJECT: NC State Term Contract #725-G
Two Way Mobile, Portable, Repeaters     
And Base Station Radios
DATE: Through June 30, 2018

Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Statewide Convenience Contract for Two-Way Radio products.  

We are an authorized distributor under the Contract for the Harris (formerly MACOM), EF Johnson, ICOM, Vertex Standard, and Relm product lines.  

For all products, you can issue a purchase order directly to:
Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc.
2016 West Morehead Street
Charlotte, NC 28208
Attn: Jonathan Sable – NC Convenience Contract 725-G 

This contract will allow your organization to conveniently place an order for the products you want with out having to go back through the bidding process again and again.      

We hope you will use Two Way Radio of Carolina for all your two-way radio product needs, and that this contract will make it even easier. 

You may contact us directly at (800) 372-3444, Fax: 704-372-7059, or email to with any information you may need. 

Click Here to download NC Contract 725-G