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We are celebrating our 62th year in business! 


Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. is the official communications provider for the Charlotte Hornets-Spectrum Arena, The Charlotte Convention Center, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame!

- Founded Dial Page, a public utility, in 1968 and serviced over 15,000 subscribers until 1983.

- Deployed the first paging system in this area covering over 5 counties and 6 transmitter sites as Dial Page in 1983.

- Brought mobile phone service to the region 1964-1983.

- Deployed and maintain multiple types of wireless communications systems involving telephone interconnect, mobile data, telemetry, vehicle location, voting RX systems as well as cellular, 114 channel SMR, shared dispatch covering North and South Carolina, and paging networks.

- Deployed and maintain a three State voice and mobile data network for Piedmont Natural Gas Co. involving 11 transmitter sites, 1100 mobile, and 300 data terminals all linked to common system controllers and EDACS switched.
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- GE/Ericsson/MA-Com service center since 1962.

- Beta site for GE Master III transmitter when first developed.

- Have deployed over 80 Master II/IIE/III transmitters in the past 6 years.

- Deployed county-wide Simulcast System for Fire/Medical/Police encompassing 5 channels and three sites in Gaston county.  Currently provide Gaston county with all Master III's and voting equipment used on this project.

- Maintained and operated over 114 channels of 800 SMR both EDAC and LTR during past history.

- Deployed county-wide Simulcast System for Fire/Medical/Sheriff for Iredell County, NC

- Deployed county-wide Simulcast System for Fire/Medical/Sheriff for Lincoln County, NC

- Deployed city-wide Project 25 (P25) 800 MHz System for Fire/Police in the City of Statesville, NC

- Deployed the 2nd largest TDMA Digital Trunking System in the country to one of the largest school districts in the country.

- Own over 120, 12.5 MHz channels 450 and 150 MHz of spectrum for coverage or capacity issues throughout 80% of North Carolina.

- Have deployed and operated numerous multi-site systems throughout North and South Carolina.

- At Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc, we are constantly expanding our vast experience with new clients and projects everyday.  Please call for latest!  (704)372-Digital(3444) or (800)372-Digital(3444).